My name is Luis Melo
Party In the Front is the slogan I adopted in 2017, when I became a permanent freelance illustrator. 
It is meant to express my desire to make the enjoyment of art on my own terms and the stimulation of imagination my top priorities in this job that fuels me.
On top of the many interests present in my art you will find fantasy, science-fiction and funk music.
Presently, I am also an art teacher, something I've come to love doing, even if I'm definitely not a natural speaker.
I have more than a decade of experience working for the games industry, as a Concept Artist and Art Director. That adventure took me to Shanghai (Spicy Horse Games) and Québec (Volta). 
I currently reside in Lisbon, Portugal, my home city.
I was born in1981, and graduated in 2005 (Communication Design at FBAUL), but most of my illustration knowledge comes from the internet and self-teaching.
Enjoy the gallery and thank you very much for visiting! <3

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