This is my entry for a fanzine dedicated to the popular super hard videogame Dark Souls. It's one of my favorite games of this decade and I was happy to contribute. 
I chose an area called Darkroot Garden to draw.

The fanzine is called The First Flame, it's actually more of an art book, with 60+ pages of amazing contributions, and you can buy it here:

The illustration is a collage of diverse media, from very low-res images found online, to detailed renderings I drew, as well as more graphic elements, plus gathered photo material on my phone, like this plant sprouting from the wall I found under a bridge.

I often like to work by improvising after I've gathered some material. I find it fun to compose like that as opposed as working from a carefully laid-out plan.
Hope you enjoyed, and do check out the zine homepage/shop. Its a work for love from the artists, and if we get enough support, we are doing another one!
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