A set of prints inspired by Elden Ring, the 2022 game by From Software, which you can find for sale at my INPRNT store:


I like to interpret games that leave a strong impression with me, but for a long time I had no idea of what to do based on this game. Suddenly it struck me, and I felt like doing some belabored, extra-wide collages, which I thought were could be the closest format to capture the scale of this world. 
These actually went the opposite way of what my goals were - I was looking to do simpler, rougher work, and here I was adding more and more things to them. I had to get these off my head so I can now follow another direction, but it was quite enjoyable.

I'm open to making a 5th or even 6th print eventually, if/when these get anywhere close to paying for themselves, so if you'd like to see Leyndell or maybe the Haligtree, feel free to support me by getting a print!
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