My Fórum Fantástico poster for 2019 is based on the 20 years of the film The Matrix, now a sci-fi classic, which will also be the theme of some events happening at the festival.
Like last year, the poster features other famous characters from popular series in the other genres covered by the festival -  fantasy and horror...
... and it also features Lisbon, ruled by Agent Smith from the Amoreiras Towers at the top of the hill. 2019 Lisbon, a rising startup capital, a bustling tourist destination gentrifying at high speed, with more electric scooter companies you can count on your fingers (and soon your toes, too). There is definitely a Matrix in Lisbon and many residents can smell a dystopia.

I live close to this hill and it's dear to me. Amoreiras is probably still the most iconic glass building in the city, although it's more than 10 years older than the film. I thought that's where Agent Smith would definitely have his lookout point.

Hope you enjoyed, I'm looking forward to making next year's poster too!
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