This is a set of 3 personal illustrations based on the J.G. Ballard novel The Drowned World, one of the earliest books (1962) to explore global warming (in the book's premise it's caused by solar storms, not man-made) and sea level rise.
You can find the first one for purchase as a high-quality print, at:
These collages are composed of elements I drew specifically for them, and photo material collected both with my phone camera during walks and daily life, and scavenged online. 
The giant tree roots are made of ginger...
... and my city (Lisbon) has some very interesting vegetation I had never really paid attention to. I would like to be able to transfer things form my surroundings into my work more often, to counter the isolation and artificiality of digital work.
Thanks for checking! Hopefully I'll get the chance to make more of these. I love working in this style, but it has been sort of a passion side-gig so far.
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