A set of posters I've been making during the pandemic, dedicated to the original The Legend of Zelda game for the NES, based on the simple sprites and game manual art.
I also finally, after 30 years, managed to beat the game, thanks to too much confinement screen time. It was probably my favorite game when I was 10, but at the time I never found the item I needed to beat the final boss.

Games from this era were extra stimulating to the imagination because the media didn't allow for a lot of detail. They relied on cheap (compared to today) manual art and text to tell the story. Colors were brash. There was beauty in all of it, though. 
I like working from that set of constraints that fueled my imagination at the time and leave out most of what was added later in more complex sequels. The Zelda series is generally all amazing, but I wanted to bring out the images that the first installment put in my mind as a child and up to today.

They're available for purchase at:
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